Garden of Salads, Sambal, Raita & Chutney

West African Fish Imojo: Fish Salad with Hot Peppers & Lime
Lentil Salad with Shallots & Chillies
Condiments: Tomato Ginger Chutney, Cucumber Mint Raita, Yogurt & Potatoes,
Mango Chutney, Apricot Chutney, Date Chutney
Breads: Fried Papadum, Pita, Naan, Marcouk Shepherds & Banana or Pumpkin

One of a kind buffet table decorations will be created using my authentic pieces.
Hand carved Kashmiri Wooden Chest filled with spices, Indian Red & Gold Silk Fabric, Ancient Harem Window & Desert Water Wheel, Shells from the Red Sea, 3 foot high Turkish Coffee Pot, Huge Teak Salad Bowl, Hand Carved Wooden Serving Bowls, Bedouin Goat Grab Bowl, Many Copper Pots, smaller Artifacts from Asia & Africa & Masks.
*You can see some of these items in the photographs.

A traditional Wedding cake can be augmented by a selection of the following…..or stand alone: Iced Lemon souffle with fresh Strawberries & candied Lemon Shreds

Fresh Fruits & Berries

Asssorted Finger Sweets: Our finger sweet platter includes at least 6 of the following: Double Chocolate Brownies, Caramel Walnut Squares, Molasses Spice Cookies, Almond Shortbread cookies, Oatmeal butter cookies, Lemon Bars, German Chocolate Squares, Pear-Orange-Walnut Cake, Lavender Pound Cake, fresh fruit & mint garnish

Please call Grace for your personal consultation. She has lived abroad for many years & is delighted to apply her creative skills to your event.