News From The Beard House

News From The Beard House
Special Event
Halloween Party
Dounia Rathbone,
Remember Basil,
Brooklyn Heights, NY
Friday, October 30th, 7:00 pm

GraceIt’s impossible to imagine a caterer better qualified to create a fabulous Halloween party for us than Dounia Rathbone and her celebrated company, Remember Basil. After all, these are the folks famous for the 6 am airport buffet for Malcom Forbes’ 70th birthday at which 650 people, ready to board planes for Morocco, enjoyed authentic Far Eastern foods on tables tied with gold bows and sprinkled with gold dust set amid grapes hung from harem windows and exotic flowers spraying from three-foot-high bronze Turkish samovars. Then there were the Kryptonite cocktails and bread Metropolis to mark the premiere of the Superman movie. And the all-pink dinner for Donna Karan. And the Winter’s Tale for American Express, the one for which Rathbone created a woodland, framing the buffet with leafless trees, covering it entirely with deer moss (bought at 5 am at the flower market), and serving the food on stumps, logs, and large leaves. We can’t wait to see what she’ll do for us given the possibilities presented by the year’s spookiest holiday.

Remember Basil is named for its founder’s favorite uncle, the actor Basil Rathbone, best known for his brilliant portrayal of Sherlock Holmes. Dounia Rathbone was also an actress; but after a stint in the Waldorf’s kitchens, she opened her catering busi- ness and clients like Carla Fendi, Bunny Mellon, Mary Tyler Moore and Jackie Onassis are delighted she did.

As always on Halloween, Foundation guests are encouraged to come in costurne.