On The Town With Rex Reed

On the Town With Rex Reed
New York Observer

No sooner had I recovered from the joy of receiving, from CBS/FOX Home Video, the complete collection of every Sherlock Holmes movie ever made with Basil Rathbone (all available at $19.95 each) than what should appear in my mail but an invitation to a delectable party thrown by Basil Rathbone’s beautiful granddaughter Dounia. Sick of “Glorious Foods”? Try Dounia’s catering service, which she calls, nostalgically, “Remember Basil” [ now Lighten Up Catering ]. Munching Szechuan duck with sour cherries in iced Boston lettuce with Arlene Dahl, downing giant prawns in green chili pesto with Jenny Gucci (delighting all listeners with true tales of what “60 Minutes” couldn’t show in its expose of the Gucci dynasty) and gnawing away at the oysters Rockefeller with newlyweds Jane Powell and Dick Moore, I realized Sherlock Holmes never dies. He just keeps going, on VHS and Panzanella herb toast. Dounia Rathbone agrees with her famous grandfather: “Food – especially catering – is like show business. You produce it in one day and then you close.”