Passed & stationary hors d’oeuvre

Chicken Tandoori:Bite sized pieces of chicken cutlet soaked in Tandoori marinade, grilled & skewered with fresh Mango & Avocado. Served with Yogurt-Mint Chutney

Chicken Satay in our award winning Thai Peanut Sauce
Scallop Seviche; marinated with lime, cilantro, red & green peppers, onions
Indian Eggplant Spread (spiced & mixed with tomatoes & onions)
Served with our unique Spicy Pita Crisps
Shrimp grilled in Green Chili Pesto
Shomai: crisp Chinese Dumplings served with ginger-teriyaki dipping sauce
Indian Spiced Eggs with Coriander in tiny tartlets topped with Red Pepper

Signature Crudite; Basket of 15 hand carved raw vegetables arranged in our Antique Basket to resemble a Basket of Flowers, with Chipotle or Hummus dip