Umami, the fifth taste

Umami….the fifth taste.  It is directly connected to the brains pleasure center.  Want to know why everyone loves pizza?   Tomatoes & cheese are major triggers of umami.   Add mushrooms & you have an umami trifecta!  Mother’s milk is filled with umami, fat & sugar… you understand that blissful look on baby’s face!  MSG is the umami taste.

Foods high in umami are: green peas & beans, legumes, red meat, chicken, seafood [especially crab], beans, tomatoes, mushrooms, cheese [especially parmesan].

My advice……if there is a vegetable that is really good for you that you find just tolerable, add a little MSG to it & you’ll probably love it! Spaghetti squash or Brussel sprouts with butter & parmesan!

Legumes….beans, peas & lentils, oh my! 

Only in 2004 did they test the 100 most common fruits & vegetables & the TOP 4 IN ANTIOXIDANTS WERE ALL LEGUMES!  Highest to lowest in ranking: 1) Lentils 2) Black Lentils 3) Red Kidney Beans 4) Yellow peas 5) Chick Peas.   Navy beans have the most fiber.

Eat 4 servings weekly to effectively guard against: heart diseases, obesity, cancer, digestive diseases.


Use the liquid.   Pressure cooking best. Let sit in their liquid one hour after cooking to re-absorb nutrients leached into cooking liquid.

Canned Kidney & Pinto beans have a higher ORAC value than blueberries, red wine, red cabbage, spinach & green tea.   What’s ORAC?  Trust me, it means it a super food.

Edamame: Soy Beans   They have ALL the amino acids & are NOT GMO!  Buy whole  with pods.

½ Cup has 5 grams of fiber, 10 grams of protein, vitamin K, folate, Manganese.   Brain food plus!

Buy frozen, steam, sprinkle with seas salt & suck them out of the pods for a delicious, healthy snack.

Edamame Dip: sauté inside beans w/crushed garlic, splash of soy, puree w/lemon, top w/cilantro.