WeddingsElizabeth Ngonzi had over 200 Africans coming to the Newark Museum to celebrate her marriage. [This culture gives new meaning to ‘power dressing’!] Her guests would ONLY eat ‘food they recognized’, so, of course it had to be authentic. Having lived across the Red Sea from her homeland, I thought I might be able to pull this off. But I was just a tad nervous as I presented her elegant parents with a tasting of foods I had never, ever made before in my life! Her note after the wedding made me feel so great.”You are truly a talent whom I would love to learn from if ever given the opportunity.” WHEW! This coming from a client who was herself a caterer.

For his induction, a Brooklyn judge requested 5 tables filled with food representing his many constituencies, complete with ethnic d├ęcor and colors. As I was standing next to the Arroz con Pollo, listening avidly to a group of Latin American women discussing exactly how the yellow rice was cooked to get it to taste like that. I was so excited [and relieved!] to receive accolades from this discerning group. They actually assumed the cook must have been Spanish!

Nirupa needed an authentic Indian buffet as well as Western Food [for her young friends.]. I knew the moment I removed my shoes and sat down on their carpet with her and her mom, Gheeta, that they were going to become two of my favorite people..I was so right! We collaborated with an Indian caterer and made everyone happy!

Then there was Soula, a schoolteacher in New Jersey and she really did not have enough money to do the whole Newark Museum Gala Wedding thing. But she was determined, so I said..”Just leave it to me. If you will trust me, I will give you a delicious, satisfying and beautiful meal that will fit in your budget, but you have to trust me and just let me do it.” Well, it was so successful that I got to do it twice, for another school teacher from the SAME SCHOOL, who found me all on her own. We love the high end events, but most of all, we love being able to give our clients what they need and make them happy..and that can be done in so many different and creative ways.